Shree Renga Polymers currently manufactures clear, green and other colored flakes.

  • Hot washed clear/green PET flakes – Fiber grade
  • Hot washed clear PET flakes – Sheet and strap grade
  • R-PET Chips – Amorphous
  • PET Color Master Batches
  • PET Property Master Batches
  • Compounded Engineering Plastics – PET Based
  • PET Strap crushed

We offer consultancy services in setting up PET based end products.


Shree Renga Polymers manufactures PET Flakes carefully to ensure quality of final products for our customers in the field of

  PET Fibers - 1.5 D to 15 D Fibers
  - Solid, hollow and conjugated
- Semi dull and coloured
  PET Sheets - Mono and multilayer sheets for food packaging,   electronics and consumer   products
  PET Strap - Packing bales
  Monofilament - Tooth brush bristles, industrial brushes and   filter cloths
  Colour Master Batch - Polyester filament and engineering plastic.
  Resin - Fiber glass industries.

Our Products