Polyester Staple Fibre

  • Textile Grade PSF
  • 1.2 Denier upwards to 1.5 Denier
  • Solid, Trilobal, Hollow
  • Colour Fibre of nearly 40 colours from 1.2 Denier to 6.0 Denier
  • Colour Fibre Compounded with High Grade, Eco Friendly Dyes and Pigments with good fastness property

PET Flakes for 

  • Fiber grade
  • Sheet and strap grade
  • R-PET Chips – Amorphous
  • PET Color Master Batches
  • PET Property Master Batches
  • Compounded Engineering Plastics – PET Based
  • PET Strap

We offer consultancy services in setting up PET based end products.

Shree Renga Polymers associate companies manufacture:

  Monofilament - Wire for Agriculture and Horticulture purpose   
  Colour Master Batch - Polyester filament and engineering plastic.

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