Shree Renga Polymers is a manufacturer of Recycled Polyester fiber from PET bottle flakes. Our PSF is used in Open End and Ring Spinning applications, Automotive and Industrial Applications. The company is located in Karur, a center place to Tamil Nadu catering to spinning mills, automotive companies and other industries.

Shree Renga Polymers manufactures solid fiber ranging from finer count of 1.2 Denier to coarser counts of 3,6,10 Denier for textile spinning and automotive applications. These products will be available in a cut length of 32, 38, 44, 51 and 64mm. The company also manufactures hollow siliconised fiber ranging from 6 to 15 denier for non-woven applications. The company can offer tri-lobal and ellipsoidal profile fibre, for specialty applications.

Shree Renga Polymers can supply in different colors starting from semi dull, black and to many doped dyed fibers depending on customer’s requirement. The following major colours fibre are always available Chilly Red, Maroon, Rose, Magenta, Turquoise Blue, Ink Blue, Royal Blue, Cyan Blue, Navy Blue, Bottle Green, Leaf Green, Ramar Green, Fanta Orange, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Chandan, Coffee Brown, Ferrous Brown, Steel Grey. For automotive applications we develop mixed colours specified by the companies, depending on the colour of the vehicles. Any new colour can be developed using our own in-house colour expertise.

Shree Renga Polymers constantly research for new products with R & D facilities having excellent infrastructure, European technology based machines and laboratories. We are ISO Certified and GRS (Global Recycling Standard) Certified and follow all safety norms and ensure our workforce is happy and safe.

"To build capabilities in Polymer Industry and to propel the organization as the leading manufacturer of Polyester flakes, staple fibers and sheets."